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This site is provides a list of firms that offer private investigation services. There are also information about what private investigation is all about, and the different types of services a private investigation firm in Singapore offers. Before hiring a professional private investigator, we suggest visiting the rest of this site to get some basic information about this service, especially the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Of course if you are already sure of the type of service you want, you can go through the listing and advertisements here to choose the private investigation firm that suits your needs best.

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Private Investigators in Singapore

This section explains about private investigators in Singapore, what certifications there are in Singapore, the private investigation associations, the experience the private investigators have, and many other information that can help you understand more about them, the work they do, and how they do it.

Types of Private Investigation Services

There are many types of work that private investigators perform. This section provides information on some of the types of the work that a private investigator does. It is not a complete list, but some of the more common types of work done.

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Do you have a question about private investigation? Try our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to get your answer. If the answer is not found, you can write to us at We will do our best to find the answer for you (if it can be found). Meanwhile, do visit this section if there is something you like to find out about private investigators in Singapore.